Trump´s casino affairs

Before trying his hand at politics, Trump made his fortunes through a variety of large-scale enterprises. While he is most well-known for his part in the construction and property industries, he has made tremendous amounts of money is the casino business as well.

Trumps Casinos

Trump has been in the casino business for quite a while now and has had his hand in a lot of different casino projects. What is now termed Trump Entertainment Resorts started all the way back in the mid-eighties as Trump’s own brand. He began buying up casinos and hotels in Atlantic City and then eventually, in 1995, his company formed Trump Entertainment Resorts. The company has seen a lot of good and bad days but he has certainly made plenty of money from his customers’ love of gambling. Now that Trump is president, he longer has a hand in managing the casinos he once owned, but he still collects money from them for the use of his name and brand.

Why Casinos?

The answer to why Trump got into the casino business in the first place is an easy one. All the money to be made in the industry is very attractive to those with an eye for investment and long-term financial planning. While many people wonder what Trump is doing in the White House, nobody really questions his skill as a businessman. He is obviously successful, and has made many smart moves in the past concerning money, and his entry into the world of gambling is no different. However, he has never told about his favorite slot games in public.


Trump’s hand in the casino business is definitely interesting for many reasons. For one thing, now that he is the President of the US he has the power to make some major changes to the laws which restrict gambling in so much of the country. It will be interesting to see what changes surface over the next few month or years. For more information about the casino industry, and to stay up to date on all things going on, go to The Casino Journal often. You will find all kinds of interesting news on the casino industry.