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Welcome to Gusticia Climatica. Dive into the most amazing events taking place on the Earth. Be informed about everything that is affecting our environment and rise your awareness for what is going on, and what we may change and do. Here we will share many topics about the politics around the world, our environment and everything that affects us, and the main problem of our planet the climate change.


We know that not everyone want to be involved in the politics, but that is something that takes a big part of our society and everyday life. Politics are one of the main factors that determine what follows and what may come of us. It is always good to be informed of who is having a control of the human community. We are the one giving the power to those who guide our society, and we should all be part of creating a better tomorrow.


Everything that surrounds us creates our environment. It includes all physical, chemical and other natural forces that we are or are not aware of. Our environment is constantly changing, and we as human being are part of that change. There are many things to be discovered and known about the environment, because it affects the growth and development of the person. The environment is something that affects our behavior, body, mind and heart, and we definitely want to give an accent to this.

Climate change

The lives of all of us are connected to the climate. We have adapted to a very stable climate, but a warming climate, which we currently have, affects us in a way we are not even aware. It affects our natural environment, water supplies, agriculture, and even our health and existence. That’s why here we would like to share everything that will rise our awareness about the climate change. By taking the proper actions, we can reduce the pollution and protect ourselves from catastrophic events.

Thank you for stopping buy, we will always try to provide you the best information about the things that affect our lives and how can we make the things right.